Rove Editorial

Our 2019 Intentions

There’s been a lot of talk about resolutions this week, but here at ROVE, we’re not really into the resolution thing. The word itself sounds like a chore, and if something sounds like it’s not going to be fun, who wants to actually follow through with it? That’s why we like the word “intentions” instead.

Ring in 2019 a la ROVE

New Year’s Eve is all about looking forward to the year ahead, full of hope and good intentions on making life better in the coming months. So we’re always a little surprised when we show up at a New Year’s party that has the same old, same old vibe with nothing fresh on the table

What to Pack for Your Holiday Vacay: $100 and Under

Our two types of holiday getaways: escaping to a sun-drenched beach or swooshing down the slopes at our favorite ski resorts. (Check out our full list of dream holiday getaways here.) With every vacation comes a packing list, but considering funds are usually a little short at the end of the year, thanks to gift-buying

Our Holiday Travel Wish List

The holidays are about giving presents to others, yes, but sometimes you have to treat yourself, too. In that spirit, we’ve put together some of our dream travel destinations for this holiday season. Much like the Neiman Marcus gift catalogue, some of this is just inspiration, but who knows? A last-minute ticket may be on