5 Treatments You Deserve This Week

It’s a new year, which means the work grind is on. Despite all the traveling we get to do during the holiday time, life is not a vacation. We’re still grinding for the good life, am I right?

So, if your shoulders are tight and your sleep regime is messy (or even if it’s not), it is high time for you to pamper. At ROVE, we have a few special bests that we cling to most. These up-and-coming therapies will give you the self-care your body is craving, and, as big proponents and season pass buyers of almost all of the below, we are telling you this: TREAT YOURSELF.  You deserve it.

Infrared Sweating
Maybe you need a toxin release. (That was a trick question: everyone needs a toxin release.) My choice method is infrared saunas, specifically the ones at the Shape House in LA, where you get some peace, quiet, and warmth while worry leaves your body. In any wake of illness, when people say to “sweat it out,” they’re not kidding. Far-Infrared, which is the natural energy used to create infrared light, is the best and fastest way to get stored toxins out of the cells. I always leave the sauna feeling lighter and more me. Indulge!

Sound Baths
It’s exactly what it sounds like.  Bathing in a mixture of gongs, crystals, and metals, as you lay comfortably in the center of sound, you are literally washed over by pleasing, relaxing music and noise.  To skeptics: believe me, sonic massage works.  The power of music has won the long battle against skepticism, and with all the stress in our lives, a little cleansing of the mind can benefit your sleep, anxiety, and pain in a *snap.* My favorite place is Wanderlust Hollywood.  

Energy Work
This is a little broader: energy work is a healing process, and these fellas are everywhere. My go-to healer provides the Ataana Method, which is a miracle process and my #1 choice anywhere on the map. For rejuvenation and a pretty soothing experience, I would recommend 100%.

Acupuncture has crazy results, and the Chinese methods have been saving for centuries.  Whether you get nervous under needles or not, acupuncture is the best at pain relief (which is why so many pregnant women flock for birthing prep).  Acupuncturists are genies at undoing bowel kinks, finding the sore spots, and correcting the body. If you’ve got some issues that need a second opinion or some pain that needs doctoring (and not the MD kind), find a healer and jump into acupuncture. It’s worth every dime.

Korean Body Scrubs
You’ve all heard about the miraculous Korean bathhouses, where a group effort of soaking, steaming, and scrubbing is met with bright mitts and produces soft, clean skin.  Buuuut did you know America has a couple tricks up its sleeve, too? Korean bathhouses might push you out of your comfort zone (good!), but the results are electrifying.  We come out feeling refreshed, friendly, appreciative of our bodies, and clean in mind and spirit. A breath!

Over the years, we’ve dabbled from hot yoga to weekly facials, but these healing methods, which are friendly to all genders and juveniles, are very specific to relaxation: putting both the body and mind at ease.  With all the stress of the season, you need to be treating yourself at least (least, least, least) once a week to some savory methods of mind softening and physical meditation. Your soul needs it more than you know!

So, jump in.  And let me know what discoveries you come to, what results you find, and what methods us Rovers should seek next.

Namaste, my friends.