Fall Detox: 7 Must-Download Wellness Apps

Yeah, we get it: October seems early to talk about detoxing. (Isn’t that usually a January thing!?) But once the holidays roll around, it’s too easy to fall into the shame spiral of cookie, cocktail, cookie, cocktail, repeat. So we’re trying to clean up our acts before the season gets crazy—even when we’re off exploring a new place.

Luckily, a smartphone can be your secret wellness weapon during a trip, so we always make sure our favorite wellness apps are updated and at our fingertips before we take off. These are some of our favorites to stay healthy, well-rested, calm and refreshed while we’re on the road—so once the holidays roll around, we’ll already be one step ahead of the game.


Meditation is one of the best ways to keep a clear mind, whether you’re jetting around the world or not. When we’re feeling jet lagged, even a quick, five-minute meditation can help get us focused and ready for a day of roaming. Headspace is an easy-to-use app that guides you through targeted meditations for whatever you’re feeling. Some are even just a couple of minutes long, so you can meditate, feel refreshed, then get going with your packed itinerary.

The 7-Minute Workout

One sad elliptical and a couple of free weights do not a hotel gym make. When going for a run or a great class aren’t an option, the 7-Minute Workout app, designed by Director of Exercise Physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute Chris Jordan, is our go-to for working up a sweat in the comfort of our hotel room. It’s like working out with a trainer, sans trainer.


One of the best things about traveling is how it stimulates your senses—but overstimulation can make it tough to get your zzz’s once the day is over (not to mention different time zones, partying, er, eating and drinking more than normal…). Pzizz programs soothing sounds to help shut off your brain and keep you in a deep sleep through the night, no matter how short or long your sleep cycle is.


We love to wander when we travel, because it’s how you stumble upon the unexpected. Plus, we always feel completely energized and positive after a good walk (hello, exercise without really exercising!). Even though it’s not available in every single city yet, Detour guides you on walks curated by locals (some are even notable residents, like artists and writers), so you can get a more personal experience. Roam on.


“Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate” is one of our mantras, like, all the time. What doesn’t it help with: skin, hair, digestion, sleep, hangovers…Thhe list goes on. But unfortunately, it’s easy to get dehydrated when you travel, because of flights, irregular schedules and a few too many nights out. Make sure you’re getting enough H20 on the daily with WaterMinder, which figures out how much you should drink based on your body weight and activity level. Log in, then drink up.

Think Dirty

No, this app is not what you’re thinking. Ahem. It’s an ingredient tracker for beauty products, so that you can make sure what you’re putting on and in your body isn’t harmful. Since we love to stock up on beauty and skincare products when we travel, this is a super helpful tool to let us know exactly what we’re getting.


It may seem counterintuitive to use an app to cure your technology addiction, but that’s exactly what Flipd does. It essentially locks your screen for a certain period of time so that you won’t be tempted to log in to your favorite apps. You can even set a schedule to ensure long periods offline. So while we all know how important it is to post that Insta right now, maybe stay off your phone and take in the beauty of your surroundings. Because isn’t being present what travel is all about?