How to Drink Coffee Around the World

Humans across the planet follow a similar daily ritual: wake up, drink coffee. It’s a lifeblood for many, and not just those with a shiny green Starbucks on their work route. Where the culture splits, however, is in the ingredients. Americans wouldn’t take lightly to the addition of lemon, pepper, or cheese with their daily

Recipes from Tulum: From Hartwood with Love

If you’ve read my Tulum Restaurant Guide, you’ll remember that Hartwood was number one on the list. The food at Hartwood is always 100% locally-sourced, and the menu changes daily according to the ingredients available that day. The restaurant is completely sustainable and eco-friendly, which, somehow, makes the food taste even better. I crave Hartwood’s

#EAT: The Best Bites in Tulum

What is there to say about Tulum? How about everything. One of my favorite places to travel, this Mayan city is truly a place to see–and eat! I’m no stranger to food, and I’m telling you, the food culture here is incredible. In Tulum you will have some of the best Mexican cuisine in all