48 Hours in Palm Springs

Photo by @bontraveler A desert oasis. A night under the stars. However you see the outcasted escape town of Palm Springs, California, the hot and spa-centered fantasyland will have you reeling for more vacation days. The town is designed for catching a quiet weekend, so for Los Angelenos in need of a moment’s rest, we

How To Have a Staycation

As a kid, summer was your golden age – less shoes, more beach, a haze of Aloe and SPF. No obligations. No rules. And whether you booked a campsite in the mountains or a month-long chalet in the hills of Zurich, your summer was the sum total of all the tiny, shimmering, beautiful details. It

#EAT: The Best Bites in Tulum

What is there to say about Tulum? How about everything. One of my favorite places to travel, this Mayan city is truly a place to see–and eat! I’m no stranger to food, and I’m telling you, the food culture here is incredible. In Tulum you will have some of the best Mexican cuisine in all

#CheckingIn: Hotel Hacks

Another week, another lobby. There’s nothing to quite equal waking up in a set of cold, downy sheets, in a foreign new land, only a blackout curtain away from magic and mayhem.  Hotels are a godsend for travel-savvy go-getters, business honchos, and weekend splurgers alike.  And despite that no two staffs and staple layouts are