Our 2019 Intentions

There’s been a lot of talk about resolutions this week, but here at ROVE, we’re not really into the resolution thing. The word itself sounds like a chore, and if something sounds like it’s not going to be fun, who wants to actually follow through with it?

That’s why we like the word “intentions” instead. It puts a positive spin on the things we want to accomplish in the year ahead. And it gets us excited to actually put these things into motion vs. trudging through a checklist of resolutions.

So without further adieu, here are our 2019 intentions:

To explore fearlessly. Like any traveler, we have our favorite destinations (hello, Palm Springs and Mexico). But this year, we want to widen our travel horizons to hit more corners of the earth and to hear from fellow explorers who seek inspiration, discovery and energy from travel. We want to see new things, taste new foods and experience different destinations with our eyes wide open.

To be well. A lot of people say things like “I want to lose five pounds” or “I want to hit the gym five days a week” at the start of a new year. Well, in 2019, we want to take a more whole-body approach to our health. Things like staying hydrated. Getting better sleep. Taking a couple of minutes every morning to meditate and clear our minds. Committing to exercise that feels good, not punishing. Eating foods that make us feel good. Only when we focus on the whole body and mind will we start to feel more whole.

To feel universally connected. Especially in recent years, the media likes to focus on how we’re different and divided, rather than bringing us together. Instead of giving in to the separateness, we’re going to make a stronger effort to get to know, stop judging and start loving more people who think differently, look differently and believe differently than we do. The time is now to make room for all cultures and people to thrive.

To learn the old-fashioned way. Like most other people we know, we’re so connected to our phones, they might as well be a physical extension of our hands. And don’t get us wrong, our mini computers are a great source of information. But this year we want to take it old-school, cracking open more books, journals and magazines to inspire new ideas and adventures.

To streamline. We always bring back great finds from our travels, but then we end up with a lot of stuff—on our shelves, in our closets, and in our brains. We’re going to make a more concerted effort to be intentional about what we buy, both to declutter our spaces but also to be kinder to the earth. Why have 20 tees you never wear when you can have the perfect white t-shirt? That’s our new motto for 2019.