#EAT: The Best Bites in Tulum

What is there to say about Tulum? How about everything. One of my favorite places to travel, this Mayan city is truly a place to see–and eat! I’m no stranger to food, and I’m telling you, the food culture here is incredible. In Tulum you will have some of the best Mexican cuisine in all of the country. Need some recs? Check out these 5 foodie haunts.


Hardwood is a must. So it may be complicated to get in (no resos), but god is it worth the wait. The restaurant only uses locally-sourced ingredients and everything from the kitchen to the food to the waste is eco-friendly and completely sustainable. The eatery is completely outdoors, and while it is beautiful under the sky, the space is unfortunately home to mosquitos during certain seasons. I can’t recommend a certain dish because the menu changes daily, but I can say, I’ve never been disappointed with the produce: their vegetables are completely on point. Oh, bring cash! No cards here.


Posada Margherita

Now, I know what you’re thinking–Italian food in Mexico? But, trust me. Everything from the staff to the ocean views (the restaurant is on the beach) is unbelievable at Posada Margherita. The restaurant has a rustic feel, and it completely captures the vivaciousness of Tulum. Good vibes here. You have to try the Al Pomodoro Fresco pasta as well as the shrimp Guezetto. Delicious. Stop by the boutique, it has the perfect gifts to bring home to your BFF. Posada Margherita doesn’t end at dinner: come back the next day for breakfast. The eggs are crazy good and they serve my lifeblood: fresh-pressed juice.


So Mateo’s isn’t the most “upscale” restaurant, but does chic decor really matter when it comes to good food? The vibe here is totally low key: think sports bar with TV screens and lots of booze. The place has great music at night, perfect for when you’re in the dancing mood. Mateo’s is known for it’s fish taco–the world’s best! (I can contest! It’s true!) The Mexican grill also serves up a mean Coco-Loco: an outrageous cocktail served in a coconut. Highly recommended.


This place is pretty damn cool. A neon light hidden within the Mayan jungle, Gitano is amazing for good Mexican food and some great after-hours fun. The place is quirky, yet mysterious, and has an all-around amazing vibe. The plates are big, so I recommend sharing, but you should definitely get your own Mezcal cocktail! (Some of the best I’ve ever had!) This hole-in-the-wall is not to be missed! Hot tip? The restaurant is outdoors, and yes, sometimes it rains.

Be Tulum

Described on Yelp! as “Abbot Kinney meets the jungle,” the vibe of this hotel restaurant and bar is beyond. The margaritas alone are worth a visit. Best part of Be Tulum? The hotel grounds. Be sure to wander around, and visit the many Quiet Zones around the property–so peaceful. The whole place is pretty wonderful. Be sure to try the crickets! They are surprisingly tasty!

Been to Tulum? What did you eat? Down for suggestions!!