How to Pack for a Holiday Vacation

Winter is here…and so are the holidays. Whether you’re leaving the country or just heading to your hometown, packing can be difficult. What do you bring? We scoured the internet to find the best packing advice. Here are a few of the must-have essentials that have been recommended by bloggers all over the world.


I don’t care where you are going, sunscreen is a non-negotiable.

Skincare routine
Even though you may be on vacation, your skincare routine never should be. I’m obsessed with skincare, and I would be terrified to be without my favorite products. When packing any sort of moisturizer or toner, make sure to always put bottles and containers in a plastic bag. If you don’t, you risk a suitcase covered in lotion, and hey, that lotion did not come cheap. Carry-on? You’ll have to pack your routine in 3 oz. bottles. It’s a hassle, but your skin is worth it.



Headphones are a must. Sometimes I enjoy talking to strangers, but often I really just want to keep to myself. Headphones are the perfect remedy. You don’t even have to listen to anything: earbuds are the international sign for “Leave me alone!” Whether you wear them on the plane or in the presence of relatives, you’ll find a little bit of peace.


Yeah, we have iPads and Kindles, but what about the satisfying weight of a book? Holiday vacations need books. Whether you’re on the beach or fireside, curling up with a book is so much more romantic than staring at a blue screen.


Unless they fit comfortably in a suitcase, gifts are awkward, so traveling with them is no fun. Ship your gifts ahead of time or buy them at your destination.

And most importantly….

Destination Appropriate Attire 

You’re going to Cabo. You’re going to Aspen. You’re going to both. What do you pack? I have an answer: style. Bring your favorite swim suit and your brand new boots because vacations should always be chic. If you’re heading into snow, packing layers allows you to bring more clothes, and therefore offers more outfit options. If you’re laying in the sun, swimsuits take up little space and allow more room for beauty products. Are you a boy? Pack a button-down shirt. Girl? A little black dress. Haven’t worn it in six months? Leave it at home. Bring forth your best!


What are your packing essentials? If you have some tips, please drop a comment below an share with us! Also, if you know someone who is traveling this season, give this blog post a share!