5 Crystals To Help With Traveling

There are many amazing things about travel–exploring, relaxation, a chance to withdraw from our present circles and twirl in bigger, beautiful, foreign ones, even if only for a night. But there’s also a major downside to traveling, one that can cripple and prevent you from feeling your best self as you take on the world. While anxiety, homesickness, and even culture shock might bite, there are a myriad of methods to get these under control in your own realm. One of our favorite ancient tried-and-true methods? Crystal healing.

Crystal healing is the old way to do new things, and travel should be no different. Calling upon the ancient healing properties of gemstones may be the ticket to returning you to full health while you’re on the road. Here are 5 stones you should make room for in your cargo, and why:


Black Tourmaline

A powerful protection stone, black tourmaline will mask its wearers from the anxiety and roundabout energy of fellow travelers, making it the perfect solution to the dangers of flight. It’s even thought to protect wearers from the daunting airport x-ray machine, but we’ll let you be the judge.



Just as its name suggests, aquamarine is the perfect and most pure stone for water travel. This lovely gem is even rumored to aid with sea sickness, and capable of relaxing its wearers from the anxiety and stresses of traveling overseas–either by boat or plane. Take your island vacation in stride, and allow yourself to relax with its soothing properties.




Longstanding folklore has labeled this gem the “traveler’s stone” for its lively reputation of relieving travelers from jet lag. It’s a favorite for nighttime travel as well, giving travelers a break from pressing anxiety and potential illness. All around, the stone offers luck, which makes it a vital piece to your health-conscious collection.



Smoky Quartz

If traveling knows how to turn up your negative side, this is the gem for you. Often, the tribulations of travel can cause unruly negativity and tension, often because of the chaotic, busy energy that seems to plague airports and travel stations. Rather than biting the bullet and letting your rage win, collapse that negativity with smoky quartz, and revamp your focus.



Lucky for us, amethyst is easy to get in your grasp, and its powerful protective properties make it a favorite for everyday use. The stone is commonly known to evade negative energy, while likewise protecting its wearer from psychotic attacks and the unseen negative forces that are aimed towards you. It will often offer you a spirit of compromise and cooperation, which can relax your mood and make the twisting and turning of traveling much more doable.