A Weekend Away at Two Bunch Palms Resort

Sprawled out on 72 acres of calm desert, you’ll find tall, ancient palm trees swaying over the serenity of Two Bunch Palms Resort. There’s much to love about this dreamworld escape, including its celebrated food and drink and top of the line yoga practices, but we came for its most stunning feature–the mineral pools–and we were not disappointed.

Turning over a new leaf in your life deserves a celebratory experience, and Two Bunch Palms is the place to reawaken. Here’s how to turn a weekend away into a romantic moment between you and the desert:


How to book a room:

Two Bunch Palms offers a variety of luxe suites, depending on your choice of location and want of privacy. For close range to the mineral springs and dining, The Springs suites are comfortable and airy. However, if you’re in the market for solitude, the Desert rooms sit right along the meditation ponds, where you can wander and reenergize. For those with larger groups, booking the Casablanca suites or the Capone suite is a charming alternative, as they each come with a spa-suite shower and a private jacuzzi. Wherever you stay, the natural fibers of material and energy efficiency of the location will lure you into its soft, suave features.


What to do:

Two Bunch Palms specializes in the diversity of their vast spa experience. While you can (and should) book from their daily menu, full spa day packages are available, and highly suggested methods for getting in tune with your desert. There are a range of spa day packages–we went with the employee favorite, the Healing Mineral Soak, which granted us daily access to the healing mineral waters and several to-die-for enrichment classes. After that, we melted into the Desert Abhyanga massage for realignment and rebalance of our Chakras.


The Mineral Springs

The highly sustainable and invigorating mineral springs have been around for a long time, and they’re made up of minerals that will truly enhance your mood: low in sulfur, rich in lithium. The concrete pools are distinctly meant to rejuvenate, renew, and repower, and do just that as you’re basking away in their calm, healing waters. We could barely bring ourselves to leave. Finding a moment of peace and quiet in the middle of a chaotic life is just the ticket to full enjoying your experience at this luxor resort. Don’t skimp out on such a pure way to refresh yourself. Soak. Reflect. Love.

Photo via Tyler Blackburn


What to eat:

Two Bunch Palms happily falls in line with a fully organic and sustainable food menu, offering a range of dietary options (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and more) that cover a perfectly curated list of options. They offer full day food services, including a lounging menu option for that pesky midday hunger, with a popular and unique drink list that reflects the freshness and originality of the desert. Their popular healing drinks make a bold morning option, and the wild mushroom gnocchi will have you calling for seconds. Indulge in the delectable local menu and let this delicious experience heal.

As you make your way out to this glamorous continuum of spiritual healing and physical calm, the staff will welcome and support you on your journey, and the experience will have you vying for an extra vacation day, no doubt. Come partake of the spirit of Two Bunch Palms, and find peace in the luxury of the desert.

Photos by Two Bunch Palms Resort