Escape Room: Villa D’Zir in St. Bart’s

Back in mid-July, we embarked upon a journey to the French-speaking island of St. Barthelemy (otherwise known as St. Bart’s) for a stay in one of the chillest, most luxe villas you could possibly imagine: Villa D’Zir, which is rented through Wimco Villas.

Save for a couple of resorts on the island, there aren’t many hotel options to choose from, so renting a villa is really the way to go when you’re looking to experience what feels like the South of France in the Caribbean. And Wimco makes everything so ridiculously easy, it’s like they take care of the entire trip for you.

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Getting There

Wimco took care of all of our travel arrangements, which made getting to St. Barts from L.A. a breeze (relatively speaking—it still takes about a day of travel to get there). Our butler, Thibeault, booked us flights from L.A. to Atlanta, then on to Puerto Rico for a charter flight with Tradewinds. There really aren’t commercial flights in and out of St. Bart’s—the airport has the shortest runway in the world, which terrifies some people, no joke—so chartering is the ideal way to get to the island.

When we arrived on the island after a long day of travel, our super-friendly on-site host, Mo, met us at the airport (which, despite being tiny, is super chic, with modern lines and architecture) and helped us with the car rental that came along with the villa rental. As he took our bags back to Villa D’zir, we were able to scoop up our rental car and get going. The villa was practically only five minutes from the airport, so we zipped over and were ready to switch over to relaxation vibes.
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The Arrival

Villa D’zir is perched atop Colombier, with sweeping ocean views from every bedroom. The folks at Wimco happily get the property ready with any grocery requests before you arrive. We were pretty low-key, only needing coffee, snacks and, of course, a boatload of rosé (because France, you know!), but it’s a really helpful service, especially for families who want to be fully stocked with food. There were even glasses of Champagne set out for us when we arrived, so it was an easy way to toast each other and slide right into vacation mode.

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Right away, we fell in love with the airy, modern design of the villa, done in mostly neutral shades of gray and taupe with pops of red and blue. Each of the three bedrooms had an Apple TV, views of the ridiculously vibrant blue ocean and the red-roofed buildings of Colombier below, and a giant bathroom with a huge shower. Some even had modern swing sofas done in wood and turquoise to unwind in with a magazine or book.

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The Pool

The entire living area opens up into a gorgeous infinity pool, which was accessible from all four of the guest rooms and was outfitted with a couple of sleek lounge chairs and a massive, comfy red couch. We spent hours in the pool, glasses of rosé often in hand, soaking in the warm Caribbean sun while we played “song roulette” on the villa’s internal sound system. At night, we’d come home after dinner or drinks, turn on the pool lights, and get chill time going again. (Full disclosure: One night there may have been a drunken 90s nostalgia soundtrack, complete with throwbacks like Michelle Branch and Fiona Apple.)

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The Amenities

The coolest thing about setting up a villa rental with Wimco is the turnkey service. They’ll arrange for a private chef to come cook for you, for in-home spa services, babysitters for the kids, pretty much anything you want!

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Every day come late afternoon, we’d text Mo to ask where we should have dinner that night, and he’d always hook us up with the best restaurants—even if they were already full. Our trip was during the World Cup, which France of course ended up winning, and we were able to catch a game at Pearl Beach, even though it was already totally packed, because of Mo’s help. It was an unforgettable experience.

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Boating and yachting are a big part of the culture in St. Barth’s, so Mo even chartered a catamaran one day for us to check out Colombier Beach on a private island (which used to house David Rockefeller’s famous property). After a short jaunt on the boat, we were able to chill on its sandy beaches with food and rose, then take the short trip back to the villa for even more chill time.

We spent eight days on the island, and trust us, we didn’t want to leave. But the next time we go back, you can rest assured that we’ll be chilling in another Wimco villa.