How To Have a Staycation

As a kid, summer was your golden age – less shoes, more beach, a haze of Aloe and SPF. No obligations. No rules. And whether you booked a campsite in the mountains or a month-long chalet in the hills of Zurich, your summer was the sum total of all the tiny, shimmering, beautiful details. It was gorgeous. You glowed. And now, you are stick straight at your desk, a real life adult (why did Spring Break stop in college?) with no delicious, shiny luau in sight. We feel you, and we’re calling you out on it: it’s time for a staycation.

When (not if) you are in the need for that resurgence of power, do yourself the duty of clocking out at work and checking in to peace and quiet with a full weekend of lounging and healing. Time to feel the full benefits of culture and wellness, even if it’s from your couch. Here’s how it’s done:


At Home Spa

Take a moment to replenish, renew, and revitalize. Pamper by healing the parts of yourself that deserve rest. Get your facial glow back with a calm Herbivore Botanicals hydrating face mist, and send off those bleary, overworked puffy eyes with a soothing under-eye mask. Of course, it’s sandal season, which calls for additional prep with a charcoal healing foot scrub. And, if you’re in the market for full hair repair (trick question: you most definitely are),  URB Apothecary’s hair treatment masque will have you glowing with health.


Throw Some Vinyls on the Record Player

When you strut the streets of Venice, it’s those luxe smells and sounds that will have you reeling for a foreign vibe and reliving your Italian vaca long into the winter. Traveling is a mood, one that sounds better on your Crosley vinyl record player (with Bluetooth hook-ups). Whether you’re cracking open some old-school Latin sounds from Henry Belafonte or turning up the hot summer sun with Khalid, set the ambience you want and soak it in (the music, not the sun).


Fill Your Space With Florals

A fresh bouquet is the top tier go-to method for springing up a space. But it doesn’t stop there: when you’re looking to up the island vibes indoors, call upon the force of Mother Nature to make it happen. Be a major advocate for buying yourself flowers… what space doesn’t need a little self-love flora and fauna? Mahalo.


Live for the Lunch Menu

That buzzing local café you’ve been dying to try? Sweep a lunchtime reservation via OpenTable and trek down–alone or with a buddy–for a totally indulged lunch. Test the menu. Give it a go. While we’re big fans of getting friends to join up when we try new things, dining alone is a brave way to give yourself time and space, while also letting you be one with your thoughts. Allow mental clarity to have its moment. Book it.


Take a Cooking Class

Check in with your nearby Williams-Sonoma or Sur la Table. Each offer daily (and nightly) cooking classes that will send you back in time to a tiny French bakery, or the gorgeous, basil-scented splendor of an Italian kitchen. Food is a mood. Get a taste of true travel and indulge in a class. And, if you’re already well-versed in the kitchen, cop an authentic foreign recipe online, hit your local market, and bring fresh, foreign authenticity back home.


Order Dessert

Take a hint from Marie Antoinette: let’s eat cake. Whether it’s pazookies or a quick trip to Salt and Straw, dessert is a can’t-miss for the travel junkie, and—as honoraries—we’re giving you permission to indulge in the local delectables. Especially if it’s Trejos Donuts. (And especially if it comes via Postmates). Sold.


Be Your Own Glam Squad 

A day in and a night out have equal value in our book. Which means that there’s hardly a better time to feel, look, and glow glamorously than under the shine of a fresh face. Test the waters with some choice products, like our DermaBlend compact foundation, or test out flirty looks with new tutorials, and brush up on contour trends and lip colors (we’re big fans of this summery Natasha Denona lip color in rosy nude). Go full glam and don’t look back.


Take a Treatment Day

VIP service isn’t exclusive to the hotel experience. In fact, vying for a local treatment option is one of our favorite ways to unwind. ‘Spa’ can be a tricky word, so let’s break it down: headaches and stresses? Give a gong bath a go. Feeling tense and tired? A Swedish massage works wonders. Bombarded by the weight of life lately? An Ayurvedic consultation could get you on the path to healing–and that’s exactly what travel is good for. Whichever way you go, opt for an open, freeing environment, where you become the subject of healing and empowerment.


Pop Into a Local Hotel

Hotels are not just for out-of-towners. Anytime you’re itching for a steaming bath, downy sheets, and tailored, upbeat service without the massive cleanup, give yourself over to the comforts of a local night in (feel like that’s out of your range? It’s okay: try our favorite little hotel hacks on for size). Hotels are the foreground for Bachelorette getaways, but the adult in you is more than deserving of its peaceful counterparts–suave bar scene, endless (and totally unjudged) calls to room service, spa treatments, and a bottomless pillow supply. Count us in.