Movies That Will Make You Want to Travel

It’s summer. Life is sunny and wild, and vacations are popping up in droves around you. But for us hustlers and workaholics, we need more push than pull when it comes to getting out onto the globe. So, in the spirit of being inspired, sit back, turn on the tube, and let our lively list of wanderlust take you to your next destination.

Here is a list of our favorite films that will have you booking plane tickets in a beat:


The Beach (2000)

Take a hint from Leonardo DiCaprio, an adventurist on the long look for the most perfect route to paradise. Despite the absolute wildness of the film (and trust us, there’s a lot of it), you’ll find yourself humming and hawing over the iridescent landscape and quickly scouting out a way to paradise. Charming actor meets luscious otherworldly island? Where do we sign up?




The Endless Summer (1966)

Endless summer? Not so bad. This earth-shattering piece of cinema singlehandedly encouraged surfers to make the journey to new destinations, to find favorable climates and to seek out tidal perfection. The film defined the surf culture at its peak, giving rise to locales like Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Ghana, and putting paradise on the map. Need a little beach fix? Want a fine look at every dream beach on the planet? This masterful work is the ultimate vacation search.




Into the Wild (2007)

Let’s take you somewhere else–through university graduate Christopher McCandless’s harrowing, gripping, and completely rebellious adventure into freewill and human experience as he bravely hitchhikes to Alaska to live amongst bears and trees. A true story, the film follows the nomad in his journey to seek purpose outside of the normal life that society expects you to maintain. Wanderlust takes on a new, raw meaning, and while the conclusion of the film is gutting and eye-opening, Sean Penn’s screen adaptation of the memoir is all sorts of thrilling. Pack your tents, and prepare to breathe with Mother Earth.




Midnight in Paris (2011)

Woody Allen does it again. Struggling screenwriter meets Paris and is open to a fantastic whirlwind of Parisian detail, 1920s glamour, Lea Seydoux and Marion Cotillard’s equally French elegance, and a jaw-dropping ride through the City of Love? Looks like we’re turning in early this weekend. Lots of films fantasize on the luxor of Paris, but this time-travelling film undeniably does it best. Weaving you through the cobbled streets and nostalgic bohemia, Allen’s feel-good fantasy will have you buying flights overseas for a little taste of history and culture. Consider it booked.




Lost in Translation (2003)

Sofia Coppola’s Acamedy Award winning drama is a summer staple, and one that puts a peaked film star and an underappreciated wife up against the twinkling lights of Tokyo, Japan. The movie is fixed with a neon landscape and mountains of to-die-for Japanese cuisine that will have you itching for the dramatic city life in the Far East (and obscene amounts of sushi). Undeniably a cult classic, Coppola’s drama captures all the alienation that comes when we go abroad, pinpointing isolation and cultural disparity which will–if it hasn’t already–turn you into a big Billy Murray and Scarlett Johannsson fan. Screenshots of nostalgia, mixed with the surefire longing of two souls? We’re making this happen… now.




The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Picky about film selection? Stop! We’ve solved it: Wes Anderson meets ultimate wanderlust in the radically underrated film “The Darjeeling Limited,” which puts three equally unhappy brothers together on a locomotive across the Rajasthani desert in India. Culture and comedy meet in the middle with foreign sexual encounters, glitzy rituals, a venomous snake, and a man-eating tiger. Plus, in Wes Anderson fashion, you’ll have yourself on a spiritual and sentimental ride through tragedy and brotherly love. When you’re in the mood for a gust of wanderlust and a drive to take your own spiritual journey, take a grain of salt from our abstract Anderson. Time to hit the road.




The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

From gaping falls to national parks, snowcaps, volcanoes, and a mecca of geysers and hot springs, there’s no place like Iceland. It’s easy to overdose on the cinematic landscape, which is why you should get a front row glance at it through the lens of gawky introvert and Life magazine hotshot, Walter Mitty. When Mitty’s fantastical job is threatened, he escapes into otherworld discovery to seek out his hero, photographer Sean O’Connell. A feel-good adventure story, paired with phenomenal cinematography? All signs points to adventure.




The Talented Mr. Ripley

A sunbath of Italian drama and keynote acting as told by Jude Law and Matt Damon (and the well-loved Gwenyth Paltrow, of course), this mega movie teeters on the opposite end of the spectrum, giving you the chance to see Italy from a more submerged point of view. It’s hard not to fall in love with the exuberant characters, the strong sense of foreignism, and the absolute lush scenery that makes up bella Italia.





Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Italy is calling, once again! This movie is catching major fire from its engrossing 2017 debut, and for obvious reason. The beauty of two faintly foreign figures coming together under the fire of an Italian summer is one that will have you weeping and rolling. Making room in your heart for this phenomenal capture will have you sooner making room in your busy schedule for a trip to the outskirts of Lombardy, Italy–and we want in on the magic.




Under the Tuscan Sun

Love, heartbreak, sun. Not more can be asked for in a lively Diane Lane film. Divorcées have a habit of making us fall in love with them and their reawakened sense of exploration, and this is no different. You’ll reel over foreign men, best friends with charming girl power, and the sense of romance that is too relevant when in Tuscany. It may even have you splurging the better part of your savings on a new Tuscan villa. Don’t take our word for it–just watch!


Eat, Pray, Love

Elizabeth Gilbert’s first major hit goes unmatched: when you need to replenish and take a new page out of life’s book, nothing will give it to you like the gorgeous freefall of Eat, Pray, Love. Trust us. We’ve watched and re-watched. The awakened sense of adventure, of love, of foreign discovery? You’ll double over for more and more of it, and find yourself in an absolute hex (and total girl crush) over the vibrancy and courage that one individual woman took to make travel her number one companion.