ROVE Holiday Gift Guide: The Wellness Wanderer

Welcome to the first of four ROVE holiday gift guides, designed to fit the travel personalities we know and love. Happy gifting!

Spa vacations, yoga retreats and adventures that purify the mind, body and soul are the name of the game for your favorite wellness wanderer. Give him or her the gift of feeling their personal best this holiday season with these wellness-minded gifts.

High Vibrational Beauty, $16

In this gorgeous book, the founders of CAP Beauty share their favorite meditations, natural skincare routines, mantras and plant-based recipes to give whoever reads it that glow from within.

Blue Wave Glasses, $49

Sleep tech is all the rage, and these blue-wave glasses will help your on-the-go pal block out sixty percent of blue light so they can use their devices right before bed and still get quality zzz’s.

The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush, $15

Dry-brushing fans will appreciate this natural-bristle brush designed to gently exfoliate the skin.

ONA Diffuser, $88

Help your friend unwind when they return home from a big trip with an essential oil diffuser that can fill the air with calming scents.

Tangram Smart Rope Pure, $60

If they can’t get to the gym on their next vacation, this bluetooth-enabled jump rope, complete with a jump counter and an app for their smartphone, will ensure they always get a workout in, no matter how remote their destination.

Farmaesthetics Adrenal Support Inhalation Oil, $27

Your adrenal glands help regulate the body, releasing hormones like cortisol when you’re stressed and regulating your blood pressure. When they’re out of whack, you can start to feel seriously fatigued. Help your busiest friends stay balanced with this oil made from black spruce, pink grapefruit and pine essential oils.

Alo Yoga City Zen Duffle, $198

A sleek black carry-all—complete with straps in the front to transport a yoga bag—can be carried to his or her favorite studio but also fits easily into an overhead compartment on their next flight.

La Colombe Golden Turmeric Organic Herbal Tisane, $15

Steep the benefits of turmeric—a well-known antioxidant—into their everyday routine with this organic tisane made with herbs from around the globe.

P.E. Nation Cotton Tee, $140

A mid-weight cotton tee with racing stripes down the arms looks just as smart at the gym as it does at a post-sweat session brunch.

The School of Life Know Yourself Cards, $15

This set of 60 cards prompts you to get to know yourself, your emotions and your mind better with questions like, “What sorts of things have made you envious lately?” Think of it as a journal meets meditation meets light therapy, with the goal of self-enlightenment.