ROVE + JetBlue Atlantis Project

Last month, I went to the Bahamas. Although I did get a shade darker, I wasn’t there for vacation: I was there to give back with JetBlue as part of their ongoing social impact initiatives, JetBlue For Good. The start of a new year is a time of reflection and finding ways to feel gratitude for this crazy world.

The Bahamas are home to one of the largest coral reefs in the world and JetBlue and Atlantis wants to keep it that way. Coral reefs are necessary for healthy marine life, but are now threatened by climate change. I was stoked to help out the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation with their ongoing coral nursery project on Paradise Island. I had a hand in harvesting and out-planting the coral, helping to keep it alive. I’m a water baby at heart, so I was super excited to visit these beautiful waters and also promote change.

Whether it’s helping the environment, working at a soup kitchen, organizing a toy drive, or going on a service trip, try to give back. Nothing feels as good as giving. I’ve been blessed with so much in my life, and I want to pay it forward. The JetBlue For Good Bahamas trip was a great way for me to help the reef and surrounding ocean life receive long term healing.

What are you doing to give back this year? Hopefully this will inspire you to get out and do good. Drop a comment and let me know how you’re planning to make 2018 count!

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    Taniajh Curry

    Yes omg TyLer you were amazing i didnt know you can do all of that and plus, MY name is Tanijah curry and im your biggest fan ever!!! I love caleb in pll Its an amazing role to play and your my nimber one boy charactEr in pll and when You get a cHance can you please write me back thank you and your also my celeb crush. I felt like i needed to get that secret oUt. Your my idol and i its my deeam to meet You one day. I would be really happy if i did but i would CRy. I love you tyler!!! See you when i meet you!!!❤️😍😘

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    Joanne Gibson

    This is a beautiful side to you not eVeryone sees!! Giving back is why i retired. AFter teaching for 45 years, an amazing and rewarding time in my life, i wanted to be able to volunteer. I found a place where i can help those truly in need. Some are women and children fleeing domestic violence, some are families where sickness and loSs of work have left them without basic needs and hope, some are coming out of homeless shelters and trying to start again. We are like a second hand store but many generous people give new things as well. We supply the basic needs that All people need to survive. Serving others leaves you with a wonderful feeling. This is Worthw project Tyler and i encourage you to make the most out of it. I wish you the best😘

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    Bárbara Lima

    I’m so proud to read about what you’ve been doing in the Bahamas. I, as a person who spends some time studying about the environment, trying to understand how everything happens and its processes, I feel happy to know that there are still people who care about the environment and above all, care about life navy that is often forgotten by simply being marine life. Corals are of great importance, they should receive more care than any other place in the environment. My way of giving back everything that life gives me is to be better every day, to help people understand how nature can be important, to preach good manners and to take care that in the future we have something good to live. I hope that like me, you can inspire people. In fact, you inspire me and after reading this, I feel more inspired to study what I study, do what I do best, love and care for nature. You’re one of the good ones, Tyler! Keep it up.

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