The South Congress Hotel: the Brightest Light of Austin, Texas

There’s nothing like travel to push your craving for a “home away from home.” I yearn for otherworldly coziness, diffusing my stress, and a range of options when it comes to where I’m staying, especially when I travel for work. So, it was only after a number of Google searches that I booked my weekend stay at the South Congress Hotel in Austin, Texas. And, for the first time in a long line of “work trips”, I didn’t want to leave.

Settled right in the hub of Texas’s trendiest city and snuggled between fashionable clubs and artistic meccas, the South Congress Hotel has all the boutique features that we crave when it comes to a home away from home. There are bedrooms to fawn over and an ambience that left me lusting for Southern comfort. The hotel brilliantly pulls mid-century furnishings and extreme comfort into a minimalist sleekness, which is apparent in its oversized pillows and goose feather comforters.  A good night’s rest can sometimes feel few and far between, but one night in South Congress Hotel conquered all my strife and made for a full recovery.

Besides the bedrooms (which we were easily lost in), if you’re in the market for a bathroom that brings out your inner Vogue, you may fall hard for the bronze accents, polished chromes, and silky subway tile that lines the elongated bathroom. It will have you slipping into one of the delicate cotton robes and blissfully drawing a bath in no time.

Once you’re primed for the evening, you’ll itch for time at the bar, a decadent social hub with a fantastic menu and plenty of luxe seating. You can enjoy your cocktails from this locale, or you can hit the fanastically Instagram-worthy rooftop pool, which features another full bar and delicious eats from Café No Sé. We divulged in both.

Apart from the flurry of exuberant features, the hotel offers several unpassable modes of playtime, including over 40+ Drafthouse Films on demand, Faraday electric bicycle rentals, an in-house bonafide Japanese restaurant, and even Revival Cycles motorcycle rentals, for the sake of your wild side.

On top of being a fresh experience, the South Congress Hotel pays homage to the scenery of Austin, its gentle but homey Southern roots, and gives you the chance to live deliciously.  Furrow into its deliable features.

Enjoy your stay in Austin.